• Lining for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Specifically Formulated to Resist Sulfuric Acid and Treatment Chemicals

  • Hi-Temp Primer with ConoWeld

    Optimal Adhesion for Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, and Urethane Topcoats

  • ConoCrete Chemical and Food Grade

    Designed for Low Permeability and Industrial Strength

  • Manhole Chimney Seal

    Tenacious Adherence to Practically Any Substrate – Wet or Dry

  • Furan Resin Mortar Grout

    Furans, Epoxies, Vinyl Esters, Sulfurs, and Silicates for Application Across Many Industries

  • Substrate Repair

    Specialized Solutions From Minor Patching to Extensive Substrate Repair

  • Acid-Resistant Polymer Concrete Cast

    Resistant to a Wide Range of Solvents, Oils and Acids over a pH range of zero to 14.0

  • ConoGlaze Chemical and Food Grade

    Effective as a Stand-Alone Solution or Sealant Over Other Layers

  • High-Temperature Gunite Lining

    Ideal for Environments Where Aggressive Chemicals Combine with Extreme Heat

  • High-Temperature Membrane 89

    Select the Right Membrane and Joint Compound Materials for a Comprehensive Corrosion Control Solution