Membrane and Joint Compounds Help Prolong Infrastructure Life

Select the Right Membrane and Joint Compound Materials for a Comprehensive Corrosion Control Solution

Membrane and joint compounds are used in combination with other materials to prolong infrastructure life. Offering this line of specialty materials emphasizes the importance of combining coatings and corrosion control together to achieve a best-fit solution.

Wm. Neundorfer provides guidance in selecting the right membrane and joint sealant materials to minimize the vulnerability of substrate imperfections, expansion rates, and long-term chemical exposure. Chemistries include asphalts, urethanes, epoxies and synthetic rubber.

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Featured Products

  • High-Temperature Membrane 89

    High Temperature Membrane

    High Temperature Membrane is recommended as an impervious membrane under corrosion-resistant monolithic linings or acid-resistant brick masonry for the protection of metal or concrete substrates. Spray application with airless equipment results in a flexible coating resistant to acids, alkalis, and salts associated with flue gas environments and substrate movement from temperature changes or other causes. Easy to apply. Can be top coated within 24 hours.

  • Coatings and Corrosion Control

    Epoxy Joint Sealant provides a durable joint filler that absorbs shock and impact from heavy loads and steel-wheeled vehicles over narrow joints. It is a pourable epoxy and non-shrinking due to 100% solids content. Will not become brittle. Resists chipping and wear at joint edges. It is self-priming and will flow and self-level to the full depth of the joint. Cures quick enough to be ready for foot traffic in 24 hours and chemical service in three days.

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