High Performance Rotary Valves and Diverters Deliver Reliable Performance in Extreme Conditions

From Abrasive Materials to Fine Powders, Granules and Liquids, Specialty Products Meet the Demands

High-performance rotary valves, airlocks, diverters, and pipes designed for reliable service in extreme process conditions.

From abrasive materials – sand, cement, quarry dust, and coal – to fine powders, granules, slurries, liquids and gases, Wm. Neundorfer provides a range of specialty products to meet the demands.

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Featured Products

  • Rotary Airlock Valve

    Rotary Airlocks

    Rotary airlocks provide reliable service and long life. Suitable for application in heavy duty, drop-through, pneumatic, metering or simply emptying a dust collector. Airlocks are available in cast aluminum, iron, stainless steel and special alloys. Most airlocks can be ATEX certified.

  • Slide Gate Valve

    Slide Gate Valves

    Versatile slide gate valves are designed for a wide range of gravity flow applications. One-piece cast housings and heavy-duty components ensure reliable, low-maintenance operation. Multiple actuators are available to accommodate many applications.

  • Ni-Hard Pipe Bend

    Ni-Hard Bends

    Ni-Hard bends are essential to efficiently convey abrasive materials, including sand, cement, quarry dust, granite dust, sinter dust, slag, coal, etc. These abrasive materials cause extra wear on pipe bends of conventional materials.

  • Ni-Hard Pipe Corner

    NiHard Corners

    To cope with the flow of abrasive materials, including sand, cement, quarry dust, granite dust, sinter dust, slag, coal, etc., Ni-Hard pipe castings withstand extreme wear-and tear. Standard and special radius plain bends with and without replaceable wear-back plates are available.

  • Pinch Valve

    Pinch Valves

    Inline pinch valves offer a smooth internal profile suitable for fine powders, granules, slurries, liquids and gases in gravity, pressure and vacuum conveying ducts and pipelines. They are easily installed and require minimal maintenance.

  • Diverter Valve

    Diverter Valves

    Gravity and conveying diverters are designed for high efficiency over a long lifetime in service. These valves are virtually leakproof with both internal and external sealing, very compact in size and interchangeable with existing products.

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