Bulk Storage Tanks and Silos to Meet Every Situation

Pressure Vessels Are Fabricated and Welded with High-Definition Plasma and Robotics

Every storage application is unique. Wm. Neundorfer provides bulk storage tanks and silos to accommodate the challenges of each real-world storage situation. Silos are configured as needed: leg-supported, fully-skirted, or gusset-supported, and available in configurations up to 16 ft. in diameter and heights of up to 100 ft.

Gravity tube blenders are vertical mixing chambers that double as a storage silo. With staggered tubes, gravity tubes recirculate stored material quickly and efficiently to give you a uniformly blended material with reliable consistency.

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Silos and Tanks

Pressure Vessel

Pressure Vessels

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  • Pressure Vessel

    Pressure Vessels

    Pressure vessels are carefully designed and engineered. Fabrication and welding utilizes high-definition plasma tables and robotics to ensure the highest quality vessels available. Welders meet ASME, AWS, API or AWWA requirements.

  • Silos

    Bulk Storage Silos and Tanks

    Each bulk storage application is unique and requires a system designed in accordance with the customer's specifications. Silos can be delivered in various configurations from fully-skirted to leg-supported to gusset-supported and in configurations of up to 16 ft. in diameter and heights over 100 ft.

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