Manage Conveyor Belt Safety with the Right Scales, Switches, Speed Sensors and Tramp Metal Detectors

Manufactured to the Highest Standards, Deployed in the Most Rugged Conditions

Managing conveyor belt safety where bulk material handling depends on conveyor belt flow is a challenge that requires rugged, reliable machines manufactured to the highest standards.

Wm. Neundorfer delivers this line of belt scales, conveyor switches, speed sensors, and tramp metal detectors with confidence. Protect your equipment and your process efficiency with the right conveyor protection technology.

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Featured Products

  • Belt Misalignment Switch

    Belt Misalignment Detector

    Conveyor belt misalignment switches work continuously to monitor and protect equipment from damage. Our conveyor belt switches are built for rugged industrial applications with die cast aluminum enclosures, stainless steel shafts, and a baked on epoxy finish.

  • Belt Damage Rip Detection Switch

    Belt Damage and Rip Detector

    Conveyor belt damage and rip detectors work continuously for emergency shut down to protect equipment and avoid safety hazards. We offer a wide selection of belt damage detectors with models built for rugged conditions and with CE, CSA, and hazardous-location approval.

  • Tramp Metal Detector

    Tramp Metal Detector

    Tough and reliable, the Tramp Metal Detector discriminates between conductive materials and metals, magnetic and non-magnetic, ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal. Compatible with fabric and steel core belts. They protect downstream equipment from damaging metal objects.

  • Magnetic Coupled Speed Switch

    This magnetically coupled speed switch accurately senses under-speed, over-speed, and zero-speed conditions on rotating shafts, pulleys, or other rotating equipment. Innovative in design, the magnetic attachment means tapping the pulley and coupling the speed sensor is no longer required.

  • Pull Cord Switch

    Pull Cord Switch

    The conveyor pull cord switch is a safety accessory designed to interlock with the conveyor shut down systems for maintenance or an emergency. When force is applied to the cable on either side of the switch, the actuator arm rotates and locks. Model SS-3 Pull Cord Switch can be ordered in standard or CSA approved versions.

  • Belt Scale

    Conveyor Belt Scale

    Conveyor belt scales continuously measure bulk material moving on a conveyor. Weight and speed parameters are combined to compute a running total and a rate of flow. We offer a range of belt scale models customized to fit each application. Single idler and multi-idler high accuracy control are available. High accuracy controls can deliver between plus or minus 1% to plus to minus 0.125%.

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