Specialized Primers Penetrate and Seal Porous Substrates

Optimal Adhesion for Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, and Urethane Topcoats

Specialized line of primers designed to enhance bonding of epoxy, vinyl ester, and urethane coatings. These are specifically formulated to penetrate and seal porous substrates to promote a tenacious bond with topcoats to concrete and steel substrates for coatings, linings, and flooring materials. Variations are available for high-temperature or extreme environments.

Wm. Neundorfer provides guidance on combining these primer solutions with other coatings and corrosion control products for a complete solution.

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Industries: Agricultural | Automotive | Cement | Chemical | Coal | Food & Beverage | Mining | Petrochem | Power | Refractory | Steel | Transportation | Wastewater

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Featured Products

  • Pump Station Wet Well Primer


    ConoWeld primer is used in conjunction with epoxy coatings, linings, and flooring materials, including SewerGard in wet well and wastewater treatment environments. This primer seals porous substrates and promotes adhesion of protective coatings. Easy application properties reduce total downtime. Application by brush, roll, or spray. No noxious or toxic odors during application.

  • Hi-Temp Primer with ConoWeld

    Hi-Temp Primer

    Hi-Temp Primer is a single-component, moist-cured urethane primer used to promote bonding of epoxy, vinyl ester, or urethane topcoats to concrete and steel substrates. Under challenging conditions, it is designed to resist heat to the same degree as the chemical-resistant topcoat used with it. Especially suitable at high temperatures in flue gas, pulp and paper, and process tank environments.

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