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  • Electromechanical Pan Feeder

    Electromechanical Pan Feeder

    The electromechanical vibratory pan feeder discharges hoppers and conveys material up to 30 feet. This pan feeder design is a heavy-duty, time-tested performer in bulk material handling. Used across a wide variety of industries to feed material consistently at desired feed rates. Available with unbalanced motors or exciter drive gearboxes, electromechanical pan feeders can be configured to handle almost any type of materials.

  • Electromagnetic Pan Feeder

    Electromagnetic Pan Feeder

    Electromagnetic vibratory pan feeders are precise, time-tested performers in bulk material handling. Designed for controlled feeding of bulk material at exact rates, they ensure consistent feed to downstream processes. Electromagnetic drives offer 100 percent feed rate adjustability to ensure precise, repeatable performance in tough environmental conditions.

  • Grizzly Screen

    Vibrating Grizzly Screen

    Grizzly screens effectively screen dissimilar sized material. Cascading grizzly bars or “fingers” turn over and separate material by size. Also known as grizzly feeders, this is an electromechanical, heavy-duty solution to remove, refine, and evenly feed oversized material for downstream equipment.

  • Spiral Elevator with Feeder

    Spiral Elevators

    Spiral elevators convey bulk material up to 34 ft. vertically and at up to 550 cu. ft. per hour. Spiral elevators are used across a wide variety of industries to consistently convey material reliably in compact areas. Custom designed and built spiral elevators are configured to handle a wide range of settings in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty applications.

  • Railside Railcar Shaker

    Railside Railcar Shaker

    The railside shaker facilitates unloading bulk material from hopper railcars in heavy-duty applications and harsh environments. From adipic acid to aggregates to dried distillers’ grain, the Railside Railcar Shakers ensures bulk materials keep flowing. Made in the USA, this railcar shaker is designed with a heavy steel construction and minimal moving parts to provides long, reliable operating life in the toughest conditions.

  • Overhead Railcar Shaker

    Overhead Railcar Shaker

    The overhead railcar shaker is built for heavy-duty work in harsh environments. Railcar shakers help unload open-top hopper railcars, forcing material flow where other vibratory equipment falls short. From frozen coal to excessive fines to saturating moisture from rain, these overhead railcar shakers perform. Designed with a heavy steel construction and minimal moving parts, this machine provides a long operating life in tough conditions.

  • Classifying Screen

    Classifying Screen

    Classify and separate bulk materials according to base particle size with the vibratory classifying screen where accurate, reliable, and consistent particle size separation is required. Each classifying screen is engineered to produce screening efficiency by maximizing the probability of particles that should pass through the screen deck actually do. This ensures a quality result based on the materials and the desired cut sizes.

  • Vibrating Dewatering Screen

    Dewatering Screen

    Dewatering screens are used for bulk material handling of slurry material. A dewatering screen is a heavy-duty electromechanical screening machine designed to exact process requirements to minimize fine material loss and reduce water and moisture content. Commonly used in sand and coal applications, but suitable for other slurry applications also. Featuring polyurethane wear resistance screen decks and heavy-duty construction for long service life.

  • Vibrating Table with Pedal Switch

    Vibratory Table

    Custom built vibrating tables increase production while they enhance product quality. Standard sizes available in 24-in., 36-in., and 48-in. square. Vibrating tables are also customized to project-specific solutions. Vibrating tables excel at many applications: compaction tables to increase container amounts; settling tables flatten material as it’s loaded; de-aerating tables; shakeout tables remove sand and debris; jolt tables Ideal densify powdered metal materials; and many other customizations.

  • Dosing Feeder

    Dosing Feeder

    Electromagnetic dosing feeders are designed to handle precise feeding and dosing applications. Instant on/off capability makes this dosing drive suitable for continuous feeding and the accurate measurement required for batching systems. Featuring an adjustable feed rate from 0 to 100 percent, fine feed rate adjustability, and a simple potentiomenter-type controller enables infinite feed rate from standstill to maximum flow. 115 or 230 volt models available.

  • Tube Feeder

    Tube Feeder

    The tube feeder is ideal for the gentle handling of friable or dusty materials. It performs a gentle conveying action that results in nearly no degradation of the conveyed material and a virtually dust free operation. Material can be conveyed over short or long distances, up to 25 ft. Dust-tight inspection covers and hatches allow access for easy cleanout. Features accurate, repeatable performance and easily adjustable feed rates.

  • Cone Crusher Feeder

    Cone Crusher Feeder

    Heavy-duty cone crusher feeders improve Cone Crusher service life and product output in the aggregate and mining industries. Cone crusher feeders deliver a uniform 360° peripheral feed of material into tertiary or quandary cone crushers. Even material distribution allows for higher yields of cube-shaped product and prolongs the cone crusher’s service life. Every JVI Cone Crusher Feeder is designed specifically for the application and work envelope requirements.

  • Vibrahoist


    The vibrahoist applies vibration to a suspended load. It transmits vibration to the load and isolates up to 98 percent of the vibration from the hoist and supporting structure for less wear and tear. Common applications include removal of excess zinc during hot dip galvanizing, the pickling process, and the drossing process. Suitable for loads up to 10,000 lbs. Available in both electric and pneumatic models.

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