Chemical-Resistant Polymer Coatings and Linings Combat Corrosion

Effective as a Stand-Alone Solution or Sealant Over Other Layers

Wm. Neundorfer offers a broad selection of polymer coatings to protect steel, concrete, and other substrates and protective linings that prevent corrosion in difficult applications.

Coatings are resin-based, impermeable corrosion barriers for use as stand-alone coatings or high-gloss sealants over other materials available in epoxy, vinyl ester, and urethane. Linings are typically used as stand-alone treatments in immersion environments and secondary containment areas. With fiber-reinforcement, these linings offer many benefits: chemical resistance, low permeability, physical durability and economical installation.

Wm. Neundorfer provides guidance on combining these coatings and linings with other corrosion control products for a complete solution.

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Featured Products

  • Novolak EZGlaze

    NovolaK VEGlaze

    NovolaK VEGlaze is a coating used for the chemical-resistant construction of sumps, ducts, containment areas, trenches, walls, and other support columns or bases. May be used as a thin barrier of corrosion resistance or as a topcoat for other vinyl ester linings and polymer concretes. This coating is specifically formulated for vertical and overhead applications. It is also high-temperature resistant for flue gas applications.

  • ConoGlaze Chemical and Food Grade


    ConoGlaze is a chemical-resistant epoxy lining used as a topcoat for an underlayment, or to protect concrete and steel from chemical attack. May be used in many kinds of manufacturing, processing, storage, and shipping environments. Formulated as a general-purpose sealant to resist most acids and alkalis. Excellent resistance to food acids and by-products. Authorized by USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

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