High-Performance Mixing Technology for Castables and Dust Conditioning

Manage Dust, Byproducts, and Waste Without Slowing Down Your Process

Dust conditioning and other mixing processes require high-performance mixing technology that is safe, efficient, and doesn't slow down your processes. Since the early 1980s, Wm. Neundorfer has met the needs of industry with a complete line of American-made mixers and material handling equipment, including skip hoists and stokars.

Our extensive equipment line-up means we can help you select the exact combination of tools to accelerate your processes.

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Featured Products

  • Turbin Mixer

    Turbin Mixer

    Turbin pan-style mixers have been at the industry standard for more than 70 years. With capacity of 20 to 250 tons per hour, the turbin mixer is suitable for processing abrasive and hard-to-mix materials. Concave mixing paddles and three-dimensional mixing action are key to performance. The turbin can produce a non-dusting mix in as little as 30 seconds with as little as 8 percent water, depending on the material being mixed.

  • Refractory Mixer

    Refractory Mixer

    Refractory mixers must last in extreme industrial environments, mixing dry, semi-dry and low-moisture refractory castable materials. Batch style mixers are available with capacities from 3 to 81 cubic feet, with a maximum batch weight of 12,000 lbs. Components are constructed of rugged materials and designed for maximum durability. The interior is lined with abrasion resistant steel and cast Ni-Hard to increase equipment life.

  • Planetary Mixer

    Planetary Mixer

    The planetary mixer is ideally suited for materials including fly ash, powdered metals, baghouse dust, foundry sands, dry chemicals, and cement kiln dust. Counter-current mixing action achieves a homogeneous mix in as little as 30 seconds. Long-wearing and high-performing components keep maintenance low and prolong life. Capacities are from 0.5 to 4 cubic yards.

  • Horizontal Shaft Mixer

    Horizontal Shaft Mixer

    Horizontal shaft mixers are offered in small 8 cu. ft. capacity up to a larger 81 cu. ft. capacity, Several sizes are available to accommodate many different applications. Heavy-duty abrasion and corrosion resistant components and a PLC based control system provide a fast mixing cycle. Ni-Hard paddles and scrapers with bolted-in, segmented drum liners facilitate easy replacement.

  • Stokar Furnace Charger


    The electrically-powered and hydraulically-controlled Stokar makes stoking, skimming, and charging operations more productive and cost less. Unlike gasoline, propane, or diesel powered vehicles, the Stokar is nearly indestructible and will not break down during a melt. The latest Stokar model EH-90 is built specifically for the demands of electric furnaces. The versatile Stokar can be fitted with various tools for increased productivity

  • Skiphoist


    Compact, space-saving skiphoists provide fast, dependable lifting for material handling operations. Low-profile, roll-over or bottom-dump designs fit into tight work areas. Heavy-duty construction assures long life and stability on the oversized frame and track. We modify skiphoist design to handle all container sizes. Capacities are available from 3 to 100 cu ft. Higher capacities are available with custom design.

  • Pug Mill

    Pug Mill

    The pug mill continuous mixing system offers cost-effective mixing for wet or dry materials. Dual shafts operate independently, with a separate motor, V-belt, and gear reducer composition for sequential starting. Bolt-on paddle tips are composed of abrasion resistant cast Ni-Hard, able to thoroughly process granular and heavy materials such as aggregate.

  • Dust System Controls

    System Controls

    Three system control series are available to automate plant operations, from basic to the most complex.

  • Twin Shaft Mixer

    Twin Shaft Mixer

    The twin shaft style mixing system provides high volume, high shear mixing times of 60 to 90 second, with output capacities ranging from 4 to 6 cubic yards. Features air purge shaft seals and a single drive motor, heavy duty cast steel mixing arms, abrasion-resistant cast Ni-Hard lining, and a hydraulically-powered discharge door. Equipped with safety light and warning horn.

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