Chemical-Resistant Refractories Feature Thermal Insulation Up To 2000°F

Ideal for Environments Where Aggressive Chemicals Combine with Extreme Heat

Chemical-resistant refractory materials feature thermal insulating characteristics and speed of application. Their ability to withstand acidic conditions and temperatures up to 2,000°F make them an ideal solution for environments where aggressive chemicals combine with extreme heat. These materials can be used in conjunction with foam glass block to improve abrasion resistance. Using anchors as reinforcement, refractory materials are applied by gunite at a minimum two-inch thickness. Typical applications include stack linings, duct work, flue-gas desulfurization, and sulfur pits.

Wm. Neundorfer provides guidance on combining refractories with other corrosion control products for a complete solution.

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Featured Products

  • Stack Lining for High-Temperature Sulfuric Acid

    Chemical-Resistant Castable 35

    Chemical-Resistant Castable 35 is a calcium aluminate cement used as lining material in fire training towers, jet engine test cells, stacks subject to dry, abrasive flue gases, and protection of concrete floors in molten aluminum dross areas. Protects concrete and steel surfaces from high temperatures, thermal shock, abrasion, and chemical attack by mild acids or alkalis over a pH range of 4.5 to 12.0.. Withstands temperatures to 2100°F.

  • High-Temperature Gunite Lining

    Acidproof Concrete 54

    Acidproof Concrete 54 is the original acid-resistant material for gunite construction. It is potassium silicate, acid-resistant refractory for use as monolithic linings in chimneys, stacks, ducts, breechings, scrubbers, precipitators, sulfur pits, tanks, process vessels, floors and sumps. Resists most solvents, oil, acids and acid salts (except hydrofluoric) over a pH range of 0.0 to 7.0. Recommended for all concentrations of sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, and phosphoric acids.

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