Time-Tested Industrial Vibrators Keep Bulk Materials Flowing

Reduce or Eliminate Downtime from Process Interruptions

Downtime from process interruption kills productivity and profits. Since the 1950s, this line of industrial vibrators and flow aids has worked to eliminate process interruptions and keep production cycles on track.

Services too. On request, we can provide a vibrator system based on a “bin map” analysis using bin geometry, material, and process information.

Even though we have BH bin hopper vibrators on the shelf, ready to ship, Wm. Neundorfer can deliver custom designs for equipment to integrate into a unique process.

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Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

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Rotary Ball Vibrators

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Electric Vibrators

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Portable Vibrators

Featured Products

  • Bin Hopper Vibrator

    Bin Hopper Vibrator

    Pneumatic piston bin hopper (BH) vibrators are engineered to keep material flowing no matter where it’s housed. Flow obstructions cause downtime. Material sticking, bridging, or forming rat holes are no match for the BH vibrator. Break up the log jam and keep material moving. High amplitude, low frequency pneumatic air vibrators integrate nicely into existing industrial processes.

  • Hopper Car Portable (HCP) Railcar Vibrator

    Hopper Car Portable Railcar Vibrator

    Improve railcar unloading times with the Hopper Car Portable (HCP) Railcar Vibrator, a pneumatic piston vibrator that provides reliable bulk material flow in difficult applications and harsh environments. Designed for the universal dovetail bracket found on most railcars, the free ride design allows this vibrator to work at optimal capacity.

  • Pipe and Chute Vibrator

    Pipe and Chute Vibrators

    Pipe and chute vibrators are available in pneumatic or electric drive options and easily incorporated into industrial processes using existing utilities. Bolt-on design means no welding, eliminating the need for hot work permits. Clamp style assembly allows for easy relocation to multiple sites in the facility.

  • Railside Railcar Shaker

    Railside Railcar Shaker

    The railside shaker facilitates unloading bulk material from hopper railcars in heavy-duty applications and harsh environments. From adipic acid to aggregates to dried distillers’ grain, the Railside Railcar Shakers ensures bulk materials keep flowing. Made in the USA, this railcar shaker is designed with a heavy steel construction and minimal moving parts to provides long, reliable operating life in the toughest conditions.

  • Coal Chute Extreme Duty Vibrator

    Extreme-Duty BH Vibrator

    Extreme duty BH vibrators handle heavy-duty applications in harsh environments. This line is sized for large, heavy-walled chutes, bunkers, grizzlies, and other large storage vessels where basic vibrators fall short. Designed with minimal moving parts, these vibrators deliver reliable operating life in the harshest of conditions.

  • Truck Mounted Vibrator

    BH Truck Vibrator

    Unload dry bulk material faster without damage to your equipment with the bin hopper truck vibrator. Increase material flow load size when loading on dump trucks, volumetric mixer trucks, cement trucks, hopper bottom trailers, salt trucks, garbage trucks, fertilizer and spreader trucks, and more.

  • VacuVibe Vacuum Mounted Vibrator

    VacuVibe: Vacuum Mount Vibrator

    The vacuum mount vibrator is engineered for portability in applications with only occasional material flow problems where traditional mounting techniques are not an option. It is light enough to move around the facility and powerful enough to move material in vessels with walls up to one quarter-inch thick.

  • Overhead Railcar Shaker

    Overhead Railcar Shaker

    The overhead railcar shaker is built for heavy-duty work in harsh environments. Railcar shakers help unload open-top hopper railcars, forcing material flow where other vibratory equipment falls short. From frozen coal to excessive fines to saturating moisture from rain, these overhead railcar shakers perform. Designed with a heavy steel construction and minimal moving parts, this machine provides a long operating life in tough conditions.

  • MagneVibe Portable Vibrator

    MagneVibe: The Magnetic Mount Vibrator

    The MagneVibe magnetic mount vibrator is engineered for light duty applications where only occasional material flow problems occur. These vibrators attach to the exterior of the bin wall through an incorporated magnet in the vibrator’s head.

  • Molding Core Vibrator for Foundry

    Foundry Mold Vibrators

    Piston-driven mold-core machine vibrators (MC series) are cast from ductile iron and precision-machined. This heavy-duty vibrator offers long service life under adverse foundry conditions.

  • Electric Vibrator

    Electromechanical Vibrator

    Rotary electric vibrators, also known as electromechanical vibrators, are designed for continuous operation and handle applications from light duty material flow to powering heavy-duty vibratory equipment.

  • Electromagnetic Vibrator

    Electromagnetic Vibrator

    Electromagnetic vibratory drives are a sturdy design, suited for harsh service conditions. A wide range of model sizes are available to handle many vibrating equipment applications.

  • Rotary Ball Vibrator

    Rotary Ball Vibrators

    Rotary ball Vibrators use compressed air to drive a bearing grade steel ball around a hardened raceway ring creating a non-impacting high frequency, low amplitude vibration.

  • Bin Hopper Vibrator Services


    On request, we can provide a vibrator system based on a “bin map” analysis using bin geometry, material, and process information. Even though we have BH bin hopper vibrators on the shelf, ready to ship, we also deliver custom system designs for equipment to optimize material flow.

Contact Wm. Neundorfer for a custom-engineered solution or the off-the-shelf product that is right for you. For immediate attention, call (440) 350-7460.