Field-Proven Polymer Linings for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater

Specifically Formulated to Resist Sulfuric Acid and Treatment Chemicals

SewerGard® 210 is a field-proven polymer lining system specifically formulated for municipal and industrial wastewater environments. SewerGard® resists high concentrations of sulfuric acid and treatment chemicals. It exhibits moisture tolerance, allowing it to bond directly to damp concrete. SewerGard® offers an economic solution to microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC).

Wm. Neundorfer provides guidance on selection from more than 10 variations and specifying application by trowel, roll, airless spray, plural component spray, or spincast.

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Industries: Agricultural | Automotive | Cement | Chemical | Coal | Food & Beverage | Mining | Petrochem | Power | Refractory | Steel | Transportation | Wastewater

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Featured Products

  • Municipal Wastewater SewerGard

    SewerGard for Municipal Waste

    Wm. Neundorfer offers a line of SewerGard specifically formulated for basins, lift stations, and other municipal wastewater settings. Fast Set and High-Strength options are available, as well as application options, including trowel, rollable, spray applied, and rotary spray.

  • Industrial Wastewater SewerGard

    SewerGard for Industrial Waste

    Wm. Neundorfer offers a line of SewerGard specifically formulated for higher-corrosive industrial wastewater environments, including an industrial-grade glaze. Multiple application methods are available based on local specifications.

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