Skiphoist for Material Handling

A Space Saving Skip Hoist for All-Purpose Material Handling

Skip hoists are used for lifting bulk materials in industrial applications. They are used to move all types of materials from grains to aggregates. They are also used to charge mixers, load concrete, and even lift barrels. For our clients who need fast, dependable lifting William Neundorfer & Co. recommends DustMASTER Envirosystem direct drive skip hoists. Designed to save space and handle just about any material thrown at them, these skip hoists provide dependable lifting for all material handling operations.

Top 10 Direct Drive Skip Hoist Features

Compact Design
The direct drive skip hoist fits into tight work areas by eliminating the traditional over­head hoisting. The overall height of the skip hoist is only a few inches higher than bucket when raised into dumping position.

Compact, Safe-Drive Mechanism
Mounted within the heist’s frame the compact safe-drive lowers headroom and simplifies servicing and maintenance. It is also equipped with a safety brake to hold bucket in case of power failure.

Twin Hoisting Cables
The twin cables insure greater bucket stability and smoother, more efficient hoisting. Grooved drums extend cable life by preventing cable climbing.

Low Horsepower, Energy-Efficient Motor
Low horsepower, energy-efficient motor is all that’s needed to raise the bucket. “Friction-free” nylon bearing in bucket rollers glide smoothly up the track, enabling a big power saving and lower electrical installation costs. The horsepower requirement of the direct drive skip hoist is a fraction of that needed by competitive models.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Heavy-Duty construction assures long life and stability on the oversized frame and track. Each skip hoist is built to give maximum production with minimum maintenance.

Roller-Track Design
The direct drive skip hoist’s design permits the bucket to discharge under the hoisting mechanism and further out over the hopper, reducing material segregation.

Unobstructed Bucket
The bucket’s opening permit s easy loading and cleaning. There is no “bail”.

Bucket Tips Back
The direct drive skip hoist’s bucket tips back from roller tracks in material charging position. This puts bucket into ideal load position and eliminates a deeper pit required by conventional skip hoist designs.

Automatic Operation
adapts to auto­matic loading systems and allows operator to perform other close-by work assignments. Manual control switch will stop bucket in either travel position.

Track Pins
Integrated track pins hold the bucket at convenient position for easy greasing of rollers. They also serve as a safety feature to prevent lowering of bucket when personnel are maintaining the machine.

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