N-61 Belt Scale

Belt Scales Accurately Measure Feed Rate And Material Weight

Controlling the amount and rate of bulk material as it moves along and exits a belt conveyor is crucial in maintaining optimal productivity. Without a way to accurately measure feed rate and the weight of material flowing into your crusher, screens, stockpiles and other processes the equipment can become overwhelmed. Too much material builds up and leads slowdowns in production as the equipment struggles to keep up, and in extreme cases production can be brought to a halt.

Wm. Neundorfer brings over 60 years of consulting experience working in industrial applications. Through our partnership with BulkPro Systems we are able to provide highly accurate belt scale systems that weight conveyor belt bulk materials as well as measure their feed rate.

Take the Guess Work out with Belt Scales

N-61 Belt Scale System
This is system provides the most economical price to accuracy ratio of the systems with its guaranteed accuracy of ±1%. Its lower cost, good accuracy, and ease of installation make this system the go to for non-critical applications where instantaneous reading of feed rate and totalized load is needed.

N-62 Belt Scale System
The N-62 steps up its guaranteed accuracy to ±0.5%. This makes it ideal for heavy duty belt
conveyor weighing in plants and precise control applications such as feeding crushers, mills, screens and other processes. The N-62 can also regulate product load out, while monitoring production and inventory levels.

N-64 Belt Scale System
High feed rate, high capacity, highest accuracy. The N-64 is the most accurate of the three systems with a guaranteed accuracy of ±0.25%. Along with that accuracy this system is designed to handle high speed industrial belt scale applications. This is the go-to system for processes that move large amount of bulk material quickly and require precise measurements. It can also be utilized to monitor production and inventory by confirm incoming and outgoing product.

All of these systems come with the 6101 Series Integrator that acts as the brain. As the interface / controller of the system it comes with physical keys for easy operation with gloves. It is constructed to be able to handle both outdoor and indoor environments. The 6101 Series Integrator can also retrofit into most existing belt scales systems bringing increase control and data collection.

Understanding the amount and feed rate of the bulk materials moving across conveyor belts is critical. It allows for processes such as inventory management, incoming product confirmation, and outgoing product load out to be precisely measured and controlled. With these insights, you can optimize your production process and increase your productivity.

Not sure which system is right for your application? Reach out to us here. Wm. Neundorfer has over 60 years’ experience in providing our customers with the inventory measurement knowledge to take their production process to the next level.

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