Electromechanical Pan Feeder Steel Plant

Electromechanical Pan Feeder for Steel Plant

Regulating the flow of material out of hoppers is a crucial step in ensuring that downstream processing equipment is able to operate efficiently. In the steel industry too much or too little material can lead to excessive wear and tear on equipment and off-spec final products leading to downtime, expensive repairs, and waste. A customer reached out to Wm. Neundorfer & Co. about replacing a feeder under one of their hoppers that was not able to keep up with the demands of their application.

The customer was using an electromagnetic pan feeder currently and it was not able to deliver the 250 TPH of an material capacity that the process was now requiring. After speaking with the customer about their requirements and the available work envelope Wm. Neundorfer & Co. reached out to our partner JVI Vibratory Equipment to discuss the project and work out a solution to meet the requirements of the customer. With JVI, Wm. Neundorfer & Co. developed a custom vibratory pan feeder to meet the customer’s requirements of feeding at 250TPH and fitting within the existing work envelope. Additional customizations to improve performance and extend operating life of the feeder were included as the material running through the feeder would be highly abrasive. The package included:

Electromechanical Pan Feeder Steel Plant

Single Mass Electromechanical Pan Feeder

The pan feeder would utilize a single mass vibratory design to reduce the number of components when compared to traditional dual-mass designs. The reduced number components improve reliability extending the operating life of the feeder. The single mass design also eliminates the need for tuning. This enables the feeders to operate through weight changes that stockpiled material over a feeders will encounter. Electromechanical motors were selected for their proven performance high volume continuous discharge applications. By using electromechanical motors, the feeder will be able to handle the required 250 TPH of material capacity.

Electromechanical Pan Feeder Liners

Replaceable Wear Liners & Integrated Chute Work

An integrated chute work package was included properly transition the material from the upstream hopper into the feeder allowing for maximum throughput. To address the high volume and abrasion from the material, replaceable bolt on Hardox wear liners were added to the bottom and sidewalls of the pan, as well as the inner sidewalls of the integrated chute work. These liners provide a layer of protection for the feeder from the abrasive material further increasing its operating life. The bolt on design also enables easy replacement helping to further extend the feeders operating life.

Electromechanical Pan Feeder Steel Plant

Stand with Chute Work Support

A custom stand for the feeder was added to position the feeder under the hopper. Support for the chute work was integrated into the stand. This was needed to be able to place the feeder in the available work envelope under the hopper.

The package provides reliable, low maintenance electromechanical pan feeder that meets the requirements of application given by the customer. The feeder was approved and the manufacturing began. Today the vibratory pan feeder is integrated into the process providing reliable, low maintenance feeding of material from the hopper do downstream equipment.

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