BinMaster bmrx-300-roary level indicator

Enhancing Inventory Control with BinMaster’s New BMRX-300 Rotary Level Indicator

In bulk material storage and processing, maintaining precise control over inventory levels is crucial for efficiency and safety. Rotary Point Level Indicators are a mainstay as inventory level indicators for a wide range of bulk material storage applications. Wm. Neundorfer & Co.’s partners at BinMaster continue to push innovation in the market and have released their latest rotary point level indicator, the BMRX-300. In this article, we will explore the new key functionalities of the BMRX-300 and why you should consider one for your inventory level control needs.

BMRX-300 Green Red Function
  1. Innovative LED Indicator:
    The BMRX-300 is the first rotary level switch to feature a large LED built-in indicator light. This bright LED transitions from green to red, providing a visual cue when the paddle stops turning due to a full or empty bin. This feature allows for quick visual inspections, eliminating the need for climbing bins and silos.
  1. High Visibility and Safety:
    The highly visible LED light, housed in the rotary’s lid, ensures clarity from a distance of up to 100 feet. This not only enhances safety by alerting operators to changing conditions but also allows for easy integration into processes, such as shutting off equipment when the sensor activates and the light turns red.
  1. Advanced PCB Technology:
    The BMRX-300 incorporates a printed circuit board (PCB) as the brains of its operation. This enables the addition of a built-in notification light and provides extra switching options, including double-pole double-throw (DPDT) relays and a status indication feature. The red LED light acts as a visual status report, alerting to fault, covered, or rotating status conditions.
  1. Versatile Switching Outputs:
    The DPDT relay in the BMRX-300 allows users to set up two switching outputs, offering flexibility in controlling two separate circuits. This adaptability is especially useful for applications where different conditions require distinct responses, such as covered and uncovered states.
  1. Wide Range of Applications:
    BinMaster’s BMRX-300 caters to various industries and applications, including agriculture, construction, mining, plastics, and bulk solids. Its adaptability makes it a reliable solution for point level detection, process control, overflow prevention, conveyor control, plugged chutes detection, and material outage alerts.
  1. Extensive Rotary Options:
    BinMaster offers a range of 19 rotary paddle options suitable for light, medium, and heavy-weight materials. The availability of single or double-vane collapsible paddles provides flexibility during installation or replacement. Additionally, versatile process connections, mounting plates, and a point level alarm panel contribute to the rotary’s adaptability.
  1. Additional Features:
    The BMRX-300 is designed and manufactured in the USA, adhering to ISO quality processes. Its 360° rotatable enclosure allows for easy installation, protecting internal components from moisture and extending service life. The aluminum cast housing with a powder-coated finish ensures durability in diverse environmental conditions.
  1. Specifications:
    The BMRX-300 boasts impressive specifications, including a universal voltage range, a DPDT 10-amp relay output, and an enclosure suitable for various temperatures and environments. With options for conduit connections and a stainless steel shaft, it meets the demands of diverse industries.
  1. Affordability and Next-Generation Technology:
    The BMRX-300 is positioned as an affordable yet technologically advanced solution for alerting to vessel levels in solid materials with varying bulk densities. Its suitability for a wide range of free-flowing solids, including grains, pellets, and granules, makes it a versatile choice for industries dealing with diverse materials.

BinMaster’s BMRX-300 Rotary Level Indicator emerges as a game-changer in the realm of level indication and process control. With its innovative LED indicator, advanced PCB technology, versatile applications, and exclusive features, it addresses the diverse needs of industries involved in material storage and processing.

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