WA Series Hammermill

Hammermills Reduce Medical Waste Size and Hauling Costs

Reduce medical waste size for profitability

For medical waste processors and haulers, maximizing load volume is critical to profitability. Each load that runs with packets of empty space in it is additional room for material not being used. This means more loads are run than are necessary incurring additional costs. These costs can include labor to drive the trucks, gas to run the trucks, and the additional maintenance from running the trucks more frequently.

To help medical waste processors and haulers maximize the waste material volume in their loads, WNC recommends the use of a hammermill to reduce medical waste size and shape of the waste to reduce the amount of unused space in each load. As a trusted partner of Schutte Hammermill our go to recommendation for a hammer mill that can handle medical waste is the WA Series Industrial Hammermills.

WA Series Industrial Hammermills

The WA series is a gravity feed hammermill that can be configured with multiple different grinding rotors and screening configurations to accommodate various different types of medical waste. Additional key features include:

  • Available in more than 20 sizes with widths ranging from 6” to 72” and Rotor diameters from 9” to 40” which allows the unit to be customized to the specific medical waste material.
  • Stainless steel construction enables easy wash down and maintenance.
  • Multiple hammer styles and sizes available in a variety of materials.
  • Hammers are 4-way reversible for maximum wear life.
  • Interchangeable, heavy duty bar grates or perforated screens made from abrasion-resistant steel.
  • Replaceable interior liner plates offer wear protection when processing abrasive materials.
  • Custom in-feed and discharge chutes to accommodate any method of feeding and takeaway, ensuring a clean and safe operating environment.

These features allow for the WA series of hammermills to handle the most common types medical waste from spent needles to red bag waste to used textiles. By reducing the waste’s size and shape, transporting large amounts of medical waste becomes safer and more economical.

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