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Manhole Restoration: Choose the Right Lining for Your Environment

When restoring manholes or other municipal wastewater environments, choosing the correct protective lining can be daunting. With multiple linings available for multiple types of environments, understanding which lining should be used is key. Through our partnership with Sauereisen, Wm. Neundorfer & Co. helps clients decide what type of manhole restoration lining is best suited for their particular project.

When restoring manholes or municipal wastewater environments WNm. Neundorfer recommends Manhole ChimneySeal and the SewerGard® 210 line of polymer lining systems. The following is a breakdown of these different formulations used for manhole and other municipal wastewater environment restoration to help in deciding which could be right for your environment:

Manhole ChimneySeal F-88
An elastomeric lining composed of fiber-reinforced, asphalt-modified urethane. It is applied by hand to the chimney sections of manholes to prevent water inflow. As a high solids elastomeric, ChimneySeal™ maintains excellent elasticity and adhesion over a temperature range of -30°F to 250°F. It accommodates the environmental stresses and thermal movement of nearly all climates common to manhole chimneys or risers constructed with brick and mortar or concrete segments.

SewerGard® 210XHB
High Build, High Strength formulation is a fast setting, high strength lining that enables high-build capabilities from 10 to 300 mils per coat. Applications range from manholes and lift stations to tankage, structural steel, digesters, clarifiers, and secondary containment. Installation of SewerGard® 210XHB is completed using plural component spray equipment.

SewerGard® 210X
High-Strength formulation is a high-strength lining that enables high build capabilities wherever extreme corrosion conditions exist. It is easily applied by plural-component or conventional airless spray equipment up to 65 mils per coat, or greater depending upon surface conditions, application technique, application equipment and exposure.­

SewerGard® 210T
Trowelable formulation is an aggregate-filled epoxy. Its non-sagging consistency makes it the material of choice for vertical and overhead surfaces or where access is limited. Standard application thickness is 1/8 inch.

SewerGard® 210S
Sprayable formulation is fiber -reinforced for a high degree of durability. 210S allows quick installation in a single 60 mil coat when applied by standard airless equipment. It is ideal for large-scale applications.

SewerGard® 210RS
Rotary Spray formulation is a pumpable grade of SewerGard®­ specifically designed to line the interior of an 8’ deep manhole from street level in less than 20 minutes. 210RS is applied up to 125 mils using typical rotary application equipment.

SewerGard® 210GL
Glaze formulation is a two-component, chemical resistant epoxy for use as a (20 mil) topcoat or a stand-alone lining up to 60 mils per coat. This coating forms a smooth surface that is easy to maintain and cosmetically appealing. Easily applied by plural-component, conventional airless spray equipment or hand-applied by roller.

SewerGard® 210FS
Fast-Set formulation is a fast-setting epoxy material engineered for use in municipal wastewater environments. It is particularly useful for the protection of manhole benches, inverts and other structures which are subject to very little maintenance downtime.

This breakdown provides a base of information for deciding which restoration products to consider when restoring manholes or other municipal wastewater environments.  If you have any questions about which formulation would work best for your project Contact Wm. Neundorfer Today.  We have the experience and knowledge about corrosion control coatings and linings to make sure you use the right product for your project.

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