Epoxy NovolaK Polymer Concrete 265

Epoxy NovolaK Polymer Concrete No. 265 and its Corrosion Properties Against Acid Attack

Sauereisen Epoxy NovolaK Polymer Concrete No. 265 is a chemical corrosion resistant castable used in the construction of sumps, dikes, containment areas, trenches, walls, floors, and structural support columns or bases.

In and around the pickling tanks in their rolled steel tubing process, this customer chose the Sauereisen No. 265 for its corrosion resistant properties against acid attack. Number 265 Polymer Concrete is mixed in a cement mixer and installed in a similar fashion as Portland cement No. 265 has been specifically formulated for foundation construction and should be installed with proper reinforcement.

Wm. Neundorfer & Co. was on site for the installation of this corrosion resistant material and offered technical support as the factory representative.

Epoxy NovolaK Polymer Concrete No. 265

Resistant to most concentrated acids, solvents, oils and caustics A monolithic providing effective corrosion protection with-out being vulnerable to physical abuse
Maximum service Temperature -180oF Use in concentrated hot Acid and Caustic environments
Mixing and forming method – same as Portland cements Installation by standard mortar mixers and tools
Ultra-High Compressive Strength >10,500 psi ~ 5 times the strength of Portland cements
Fast Chemical set Initial set in 8 hours – set by catalyzed reaction
Low porosity Resistant to chemicals throughout the entire matrix


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