Sewerguard Wastewater Lining system

What are Wastewater Lining Systems?

Wastewater lining systems are a crucial component of wastewater structures used in municipalities and industry. Wastewater structures contain aggressive chemical environments that must be kept protected against the corrosion that can be caused by the material they contain.

Wm. Neundorfer & Co. works with municipalities and industry to maintain their wastewater structures and ensure they are protected. In this article we will cover what wastewater lining systems are, the structures that utilize them, and our most often recommended lining systems.

What are wastewater lining systems?

Wastewater lining systems are typically applied to wastewater assets and structures to provide protection and extend operational life. They are specifically formulated for wastewater environments and address the environmental and economic challenges posed by water inflow and infiltration (I&I) and Microbiologically Induced Corrosion (MIC). When restoring existing structures, the lining is paired with a substrate repair material and filler compound known as underlayment.  These underlayments address surface defects, fill irregularities, and help prevent ground water infiltration, while providing an ideal surface for the lining to be applied.

Structures that Utilize Waste Water Linings

    • Manholes
    • Lift Stations
    • Grit Chambers
    • Tunnels
    • Aeration Basins
    • Digesters
    • Wet Wells
    • Headworks
    • Clarifiers

Systems We Recommend

SewerGard 210X

Sauereisen’s No. 210X, exhibits compressive strength exceeding 15,000 psi. This attribute appeals to specifying engineers seeking to draw direct comparisons among a myriad of protective linings. Manholes subjected to heavy stress represent a typical area where SewerGard 210X would be used. Sauereisen’s 210X is also intended for preserving the concrete and steel infrastructure of wastewater treatment plants. In either area, the environmentally friendly nature of the product (100 percent Solids, Zero VOCs) offers additional benefit.

SewerGard 210G

SewerGuard 210G is the next generation “Glaze” version of SewerGard. It is one that may be applied via plural-component spray equipment to facilitate rapid installation. Applicators appreciate the ability to forgo batch mixing of the two-component product so that jobsite labor is reduced. Another enhancement is the ability to build greater thickness. The prior version was specified strictly at 20 mils thick, typically for applications seeking a glossy topcoat over troweled or fiber-reinforced linings. The new SewerGard 210G is able to be sprayed at double the thickness for added durability when used as a stand-alone lining.

By combining the formula’s greater thickness with the added convenience of plural component spraying, SewerGard 210G an attractive option for clarifiers, tanks and structural steel at wastewater treatment plants.

RestoKrete 208

RestoKrete 208 is a hybrid underlayment that blends the bond strength of epoxy with the economy of cement. It is a substrate repair material used in the process of restoring structural integrity to underground concrete. It would be installed prior to the application of a corrosion resistant topping such as the previously mentioned SewerGards.

The high bond strength (withstanding over 1,000 psi slant-shear per ASTM C-882) and 800-plus psi tensile strength of RestoKrete 208 represent a significant upgrade from strictly cementitious underlayments. The epoxy element of the formulation makes it a strong option for the repair of brick or concrete surfaces found in tunnels or manholes. Since it offers benefit in restricting water infiltration as well, RestoKrete aids in the prevention of blisters that might otherwise occur in a protective topcoat.

Wastewater lining systems offer protection against corrosion to industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities. If you’re looking to repair your waste water treatment structures and not sure which lining system is right for your application, contact us today. Wm. Neundorfer & Co. has the expertise and experience to supply you with the right wastewater lining systems for your application.

For more information or details on how we can help you select the right equipment for your application, contact Wm Neundorfer & Co today.

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